Contrary to what most pet owners believe, a large house for your outdoor pet is not to their best advantage.  If you want to get the most out of an outdoor house, make certain that is isn't too big for your pet.  It should be just large enough for the pet to be able to enter and turn around.  Animals aren't like people.  They prefer small places for a reason.  Their body provides the heat to warm their space.  If the space is too large, they cannot warm it.
This house is the perfect size for up to a 10 pound cat.  
The body of the House is 15x12x12 inches.

I make my Outside Pet Furniture to be weather proof, affordable and easily maintained.  There are no "extras" that make it difficult to paint.  All joints and seams are caulked and tested to make certain moisture cannot penetrate.

I offer all of the Outside Pet Furniture unfinished or finished.  If I finish it for you, there will be one coat of primer and three coats of Exterior Grade Paint carefully applied that will keep the House weather proof for many years.

Most of my Outside Furniture is constructed of 1/2 inch plywood.  Therefore, I do not offer it to be stained and varnished.  If you order yours unfinished, you will see that I have used wood filler to make certain the outside is smooth and blemishes are covered, and the inside and outside is thoroughly caulked with waterproof caulk. The entire unit will be sanded and thus prepared for you to paint.  I strongly recommend that you use Kilz primer and a high quality paint and follow the directions carefully, putting no less than 3 coats on.
Feeding Stations built for feral cat colonies.
$85 unfinished/$115 finished

Outside Weather Proof House
with Removable Baffle

This house is built of 1/2 inch plywood and has an inclined entry ramp to allow windblown water or snow to roll back outside wtihout getting into the kitty's area.  It also has a removable wall to promote better circulation during the warmer months of the year.
$175 unfinished
$255 finished
Click on pictures for a larger size or another view.
Make sure you scroll down to see our Heating options for your outside pets.  Outdoor electric heating pads and microwaveable disks afford your pets a comfortable night when temperatures drop.
Check FLOOR PLANS for new Multiple Feral Cat Feeder.  
This House will take the 18 1/2 x 12 1/2 electric heating pad shown below.
$235 Unfinished
$320 Finished
This house is insulated with 1/2" Foam
It will take the Electric Heater below.
$295 Unfinished

$385 Finished
(window not included)
The Heated Pad is a high-impact ABS plastic that makes the pad durable, easy to clean, and water resistant.  The  cord is 5.5 feet long and covered by steel flex.  It should be plugged into a ground fault outlet when used outside.  The pad is thermostatically controlled to stay within your pet's body temperature range.
Cat or Dog
18 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches.  


$45 if purchased with a House or Hider (also, no shipping charge)
No electricity available?  If you have a microwave, you can help to keep your outside cat or dog warm when the weatherman warns us to bring our pets inside. This bite resistant plastic disk is filled with non-toxic Thermopol which undergoes a physical change when heated.  While other conventional products would be cooling, the disk actually generates extra heat as the Thermopol changes.  5 to 8 minutes in a microwave will provide up to 12 hours of heat.
8 1/2 inches in diameter


$20 if purchased with a House or Hider, (no shipping charge either)
Unfinished insulated Cat House with Heater 
$295 Unfinished 
$385 Finished


All sales are final

NEW!  STAYWELL MAGNETIC PET DOOR!  You can make sure only your Kitty can get into the HOUSE!
Cat protection from predators.

This house provides security against intrusion by strays without requiring batteries or house current! The secret? The collar key itself is a strong magnet that actually unlocks the flap allowing access by your pet but not by other pets or strays.This unit comes with a collar and a tiny magnet that "unlocks" the door.  A 4-way lock is also included which allows the pet door to be set for 'in only' and 'out only' in addition to the normal 'locked' and 'open'.
This size door is good for cats or dogs up to 15 pounds.
$205 Unfinished
$285 Finished
Subtract $30 for 2 way locking door-no magnetic collars
Will take the Heating Pad
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A Feeder built with an exit door.  Holes are drilled in porch for drainage.
$295 Unfinished/ $385 Finished
Subtract $30 if you want only one door
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